Big Weekend for Photography (Part 2: Revenge)

As you may recall from part 1 of the big weekend of photography, Emily (pictured above)  did, with great forethought and malice, proceed to break my heart with her stunning beauty. Such a crime cannot go unpunished.  And since the Divine Comedy is my favorite epic poem, outside of the Epic of Gilgamesh, which remains my favorite based solely on the fact that it was used in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok”, I decided that my punishment should be Aligherian. (for those of you who are not nerds let me just sum that last awful sentence up by saying that the punishment should fit the crime) She hurt me with beauty so I would in turn destroy something she found beautiful, namely her wedding dress.

Of course this isn’t true. My heart was broken, but not until much later when I processed the negatives. I didn’t ruin the dress for revenge. In fact it was Emily’s idea to ruin the dress. We ruined it for fun. And it WAS fun! Aside from when Arbuckle “accidentally” threw paint directly into Emily’s mouth, we had a blast the whole day. And frankly, since I didn’t have any paint in my mouth I even enjoyed that part too.

So when viewing the gallery I suggest you have a half glass of wine, throw on some Wham!, and just try to have as much fun as we did on this shoot. You won’t be able too. But you’ll have a pretty good time trying.

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