Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

This is my friend Christina. She’s married to my friend Joel. She came over and we got in a time machine and traveled back to the 60’s where I took these photos. Jay kay! I didn’t take these in the 60’s. I just made them look old in Photoshop. I can’t believe you fell for that. I wouldn’t use my time machine frivolously like that. I only use it to save lives and get kittens out of trees. I used it for art one time like when I first got it. I went back 65 million years to see what color the dinosaurs were for some drawings of dinosaurs I was doing (no you can’t see them. They aren’t done.) and I sneezed or stepped on something and Bam! Now we have to deal with the platypus. So I said, “No more!”

Jay Kay. I don’t have a time machine. You are so gullible.  Happy New Year!