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Bringing up old shit: 3D Pinhole

My job at the Art Center photo lab was the best I ever had. It was totally fun and fulfilling and that’s not sarcasm. But even though it was fun and fulfilling I didn’t always have a lot of work to do. So I had to distract myself with fun activities like seamless box jousting, lab ball, or chair racing. Once on a chair race I put a 4 ft hole in a sheetrock wall. I fucked up real bad. Good times.

I loved that job so much that I even did it on my term off. That was the funnest time to work. All my friends were there and they could never leave or decide not to show up. They had class. Also that therm I did a bunch of work with film. By that time I was pretty much exclusively digital and I used the term off to reacquaint myself with film. One one particularly boring day at work I took a couple paper towel tubes, a soda can and some black tape and made myself a pinhole camera, but not just any old pinhole camera, a 3D pinhole camera. I grabbed some ladies and made 5 pictures before I threw it away. Yeah. I threw it away. Genius stuff like that is dime-a-dozen when you’re me. So smart and talented.

Anyway here are the pictures. Not everyone will be able to see them in 3D. It requires some serious eye manipulation. But if you’re like me you were obsessed with those magic eye books in the 90’s and this will be no sweat. One difference from those though. Instead of looking through the image to see it in 3D, you have to cross your eyes. Just do this. Look at the picture and cross your eyes slowly. The two faces will begin to approach one another. If one is higher than the other, angle your head slightly to the right or left to get them to line up. Once you get the two heads in registration you’ll see a 3D face. Enjoy!