I forgot to post about Manic Monday until Thorazine Thursday

This week I went to Manic Monday. It’s a dance night at Rock Lobster in Broad Ripple that is put on by A Squared and Rad Summer. It’s possible that there is someone else involved too. But I’m no writer. I don’t take notes. I just like to drink beers, and look at chicks, and take pictures of chicks, and steal handfuls of pink Scion mirrors on tables spread around the roo… OH Yeah! Also, Scion is a sponsor.

I’ve been to a couple Manic Mondays and they are pretty awesome, if sparsely populated. As far as I can tell, each one has a theme based on a different 80’s movie. Last time I went it was Weekend at Bernie’s. This time it was Pretty In Pink. That’s why there were pairs of panties flying around the room. Wait… I just realized it was 16 Candles that had Anthony Michael Hall borrowing Molly Ringwald’s panties. So… I guess there were just panties flying around the room for no reason. Even Better! This was an excellent fucking party! Click on the picture of the boy that’s got a panty on his head to see the rest of the pictures. And for god’s sake, come to the next Manic Monday. The more the manicer!