What the fuck is Dubstep?

This weekend got kinda fucked for me. I was disinvited to a Friday night party in South Bend. Then I got re-invited after I had decided not to go because I had a job on Saturday. Then I got fired from that job after it was too late to head up to the party in South Bend. The weekend was all but lost. It was a dark time. I only had one thing left to do. I had to look in my Facebook event invites for a party. What I found was The Blackout (Dubstep Edition).

Now I’ve totally heard of Dubstep. As a matter of fact I went to a Dubstep Christmas party last year. At that party I asked a DJ how one would recognize Dubstep when he or she heard it. He said something about bass and moved his hand up and down or something. I don’t really remember. I was intoxicated. Needless to say I walked away from that party still confused about Dubstep. So when I saw this The Blackout (Dubstep Edition), I figured it might be the perfect place to finally figure out what Dubstep is. I pointed my Honda toward Castleton and mashed down on the gas hard. I was on a mission.

But wouldn’t you know it, The Blackout (Dubstep Edition) was at a bar and I went and got intoxicated again. Plus there were tons of people there in the dark with glow sticks, which is great for my photography. And there were hot chicks dancing on pool tables which is great for both my photography and my will to live. Before I knew it it was 3AM and I had completely forgotten to listen to the music. I slunk to Perkins defeated, sat down at a booth, ordered some turkey, and waited for my liver to filter out enough alcohol for the journey home.

So if anybody out there knows what Dubstep is, and more importantly can explain it to me at noon on a weekday in a place far far away from any alcohol, then please call me, text me, facebook message me. Do something. I must know. And for some reason I refuse to google it. Click on these pictures of asses to see the galleries. And don’t forget to enjoy!

What Others Are Saying

  1. Amanda Owens Feb 20, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    I’m in love with the photos! So nice meeting you!!!!

  2. S. Saxton Apr 3, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Truly talented, hands down, truly talent! Keep up the great work!

  3. Calvin Apr 10, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Dubstep is a form of electro music which heavily involves the bass. The bass in Dubstep is usually an electro/techno/hard sounding bass that consistently wobbles and phases throughout the song. It’s all about the bass!!!

  4. J dubious Jun 26, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Dubstep is a modern fusion genre that combines 2step with UK garage (mainly D&B) thrown in. That probably doesn’t mean much if your not a genre nerd.

    Basically dubstep is defined by a few things musically:

    1st) The drum beat usually follows a 2 step pattern, at least the original origins of dubstep did, there’s so many off shoots now this isn’t necessarily true. Now, what is a 2 step pattern you may ask, Basically if you think of house music which uses 4 on the floor beat, meaning a kick every beat. Dubstep only uses 1 kick at the start of the bar and one snare usually on the third beat. This gives dubstep that Boom, Chick, Boom, Chick sound. The reason it doesn’t sound slow is because the drums are in half time wile the rest of the song in in full time. in other words, the drums sound like the song is going at 70 bpm wile the rest of the song is playing at 140 bpm.

    2nd) The LFO or Low Frequency Oscillator. This is the whomp that dubstep has, more and more artists are going away from the whomp for a more “Flux” sound. Essentially what a LFO does it is oscillates bass tones so instead of having a long drawn out buhhhhhhh sound from a bass its more like buhhuuumphuhhuuump (its hard to explain with words)

    3rd) Flux Sounds: These are those skrillex/ flux pavillion sounding synths that usually have a really hardcore mid range sound on top of the LFO. It sounds like screeching but with bass.

    Anyways hopefully that clarifies some things for you.

    • Francis Aug 5, 2011 at 1:48 am

      This is probably the best explanation I’ve ever heard. I’ve been listening to Dubstep from the very beginning and that.. is it. That was an awesome post, Jed!