Helter Shelter

I would like to go on Vacation… Club. If you know what I mean.

Seconds after local really loud band We Are Hex exploded with popularity in Luna Music, I walked half a block to a house known only as Helter Shelter for the release of my favorite Indianapolis band Vacation Club’s brand new 7 inch record. It was a most excellent party. There was a keg. There were bands in the basement. There were literally tons of hot chicks. Healthy looking dudes falling all over the place. There was a feminist that told me I shouldn’t say things like “there were literally tons of hot chicks.” Pornography. This party had it all. I thought the lineup was The Kemps, The Skunks, Vacation Club, the end. But apparently the lineup was The Kemps, The Skunks, Vacation Club, John Rambo and the Vietnam Wars, some other band that I’m not sure what they were called, possibly one more band, hey I think the party is over but its only 11:30 why did we start this so early oh yeah because we wanted to piggy back off that We Are Hex thing. Point is, due to my misunderstanding of the lineup I only really fully covered the first 3 bands. Sorry rest of the bands.

Yes it was a grand time. I met a big fan of mine named Brittany. I met a wonderful girl from Dayton named Megan. I met a big fan of Oreo Jones who that I was him. I have to say that when I was in LA I didn’t meet nearly the volume or quality of people that I’ve met here in Indianapolis. LA is like High School. You pretty much already know who your friends are and your group is your group and you generally don’t mix with others often. Indianapolis is like elementary school. Everyone is a potential lifelong friend. Good times.

If you’d like to see the bands and maybe a couple of people in the crowd just click the picture of Vacation Club’s drummer to the left. I know I should know his name, but I said I liked his band. I didn’t say I wanted to date him. Enjoy.

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  1. Stephen Mar 27, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    More pictures of hot chicks! haha