Another God Damn Let Go

The first Tuesday in April once again delivered unto us what could be considered the greatest dance party of the 21st Century. This one was made a little extra special by running into a young lady at a pre-party that told me that she Quote hates Indiana Unquote. I had sympathy. I explained that I used to hate Indiana too. But that through the teachings of the prophet Action Jackson and the wisdom of King and Queen Skinner I had come to the conclusion that Indianapolis is not just a place that I don’t mind being, but a place that I would choose to be over many others. She seemed skeptical. “Come with me, child,” I told her as we head off to the Lockerbie Pub.

Exactly one hour and 12 minutes later (I checked my watch) she was in the middle of the dance for rocking full on hard crispy glam rock style surrounded by 6’2″ dudes. It was… a good night for Indiana.

Other than that, I have little to report. The fellas were fly. The ladies were treats. There was a great deal of girlfriend material in the house, if you catch my drift. In the wake of the drunken rage of the last Let Go, I decided to take it a little easier on the booze. Which led to a slight reduction in the fun quotient of the evening. But I still had a blast and everyone else seemed to as well.

I do have one last thing to share. Late in the night I pointed my camera at a dude that did NOT want to be photographed. With some yelling from me and cajoling from his lady friend we got him in a picture. Then I told him it was going on the internet and he asked that it not. Well… I’m putting it up. But if he is reading this right now and finds the picture and hates it, I’ll take it down. I’m not an unreasonable man. But it’s such a cute one. T’would be a shame.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures. Click on the delightful young lady that I chased through the streets of Fountain Square last month to see the first gallery. And click on the delightful young lady with someone’s clawed hand in her mouth and nose to see gallery two. If you’d like you can enter guesses as to which one of these two ladies I was more in love with.

What Others Are Saying

  1. Neuman Apr 8, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    BOOM! great photos. such a fun night. my new favorite event/night/party! Once again, I eluded the camera…I’m a ninja!