I figured Dubstep the fuck out!

I am proud to report that thanks to a YouTube user named SaladUK I now totally understand what Dubstep is. What’s more, I kind of enjoy it. I’m usually a melodies and lyrics kind of guy. But for dancing it ain’t bad. I am the opposite of proud, that is to say I am ashamed to report that you can’t see SaladUK’s videos because YouTube shut him down for “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement”. Whatever that means.

But on the night that The Blackout (Mayhem After Madness Edition) was happening, SaladUK was still up which afforded me the opportunity to watch his Dubstep Video remix of Singin’ in the Rain, Swagga in The Rain 15 or so times before leaving the house. That was helpful but I was still dragging after a taxing day of walking and experiencing Indianapolis with my friend Keenan who was visiting from Los Angeles. I tried to take a disco nap around 8PM. But I only managed to knock down about 15 minutes or so which was inadequate. Keenan and I headed sleepily to Castleton, barely able to keep our eyes open.

Once at the Fox And Hound, we ordered a beer. It didn’t help the sleepiness. Then we ordered another beer and a shot of Wild Turkey. We toasted to us defying all odds and actually having a decent night. I think that was the turning point of the evening. Because in about an hour I’d had two more beers and was ready to party. All the stress of the day melted away as I once again suckled from the teet of Mama Drunkenness.


That’s about when I started taking all these pictures. Some of them are pretty good. There is a particularly interesting part where I turned off my flash to shoot Electric Elaine in the dark. There also happen to be two shots of Action Jackson at the 929 at the end of the gallery. I went there because I thought these two fine assed ladies had gone there. But they hadn’t. Click on the picture of me in the bathroom at Fox and Hound to see everything. And Enjoy!

Bee Tee Dubs. Thanks to the dude in the Dubstep shirt, whose name I should really remember but don’t, for wearing that shit again. His Facebook name is Samuel L Smackson. I don’t think that’s his real name. Just a hunch.