Ransome’s PG13 Star Wars Birthday Party

On Saturday I awoke in South Bend, IN. I was there to photograph roller derby girls. That is to say that I spent all afternoon looking at and dreaming about touching great asses. But that was just the warm-up. For at 10 o’clock back in Indy was an event where not only would I be looking at and dreaming of touching great asses, I would also be drinking and looking at and dreaming of touching awesome boobage. (I realize now that last sentence is a little awkward. I was not drinking awesome boobage. I think it needs a semicolon or something in there. But, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna put it in.)

I drove directly from South Bend to the liquor store to the party. By the time I got there I was on hour 4 of my 5 hour energy and fading fast. I awkwardly walked in to a couple houses where the party was not before finding the house where the party was. Once inside I realized that this party was totally going to be PG13.

Now I should explain what I mean by PG13. Ransome asked me to make sure that the pictures and the blog were PG13. I felt that outside of a little bit of language, the party needed no censoring from me to be PG13. Sure there was a little brief nudity in the form of an accidental nip slip or two. But that’s totally within the realm of PG13 if it isn’t sexually motivated brief nudity. And sure, there were some slightly inappropriate things being done with a toy lightsaber. But, nothing past 1st base so that’s totally cool as well. And yes, there were suggestive outfits, and excessive drinking, and dancing, and a not quite regulation game of Twister. But that’s nothing you wouldn’t find in 10 Things I Hate About You or Dance Flick or Drumline or Joe Dirt or Bring It On or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Hackers or Memphis Belle or Men in Black II.

Really, it was your standard fun party. I spent the early part of it talking to dudes about gambling and how chicks are hot. Then these fuckin freshmen showed up and I taught them how to torpedo beers. I even got drunk enough to throw a whole cupcake in the air and then catch it in my mouth. Do you know how many times that little trick has gotten me laid? Once. And you know what? That’s enough.

Anyway. Here are the pictures. It should be noted that the girl dressed as Darth Vader was my obsession for the night. Each time I hang out with these girls I’m obsessed with a different one. On this night it was her. Click on her picture to the left to see the gallery. You might not recognize her as Darth Vader. She’s not wearing the mask or cape in any of the pictures. Also she’s not horribly burned or mechanical and she has a smokin’ hot body. So really the costume was weak. Not that I’m complaining. Enjoy!