After, Party CANCELLED

So the other night there was this party. But it wasn’t really a party it was the creation of a work of art. And then the next day there was supposed to be a party celebrating the opening of the show in which this work of art based on the first party was to be displayed. Unfortunately someone didn’t tell somebody else something very important and details details details, the first party was cleaned up, negating the need for the second party which was to be called “After, Party”. Confused? Me too. But know this, unless you are one of the 15 or so people in the following gallery, you missed the most amazing time of your life. You could have danced around a room filled with balloons and glow accessories. You fucked up.

Go ahead and cry. You deserve it.


Before we get to the gallery I’d like to say that the thing that struck me as I watched a room full of adults playing with balloons is how much they seemed like children as they played. At one point I saw a dude tie a glow stick to the stem of a lung air filled balloon and throw it into the air. It immediately fell down. It wasn’t cool looking. And anyone who was actually thinking about what they were doing would know that it would just fall down and not be cool. But that wasn’t the mindset of these adults. We were all just looking for new fun things to do. It was an experiment in fun and nothing was off limits. It was genius. Click on the picture to the left of Michael Nannery calling forth the Balloon Swarm to see the whole gallery.