Let Go in May (Bittersweet)

This May brought us yet another excellent Let Go!. But I found myself plagued by mixed emotions through the night. You see, in July I’m leaving Indianapolis to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Which means that from today I only have two more chances to Let Go!.

Now I love Indianapolis, as evidenced by the posts on this blog where I state as much. But SAIC is just far too good of a school for me to pass up the opportunity. So I’m going and that’s final. The unfortunate effect of that is that I find myself subconsciously and sometimes consciously distancing myself from the things I love in Indianapolis. Let Go! is one of those things. So at this one, I didn’t really get very drunk. I didn’t dance with the pretty girl when she asked me to. I kind of mailed it in. Oh sure, I got some good ass pictures. I can’t help but do that. But my heart just wasn’t in it. It’s not a great feeling.

So now that I know that this subconscious distancing is an issue, I won’t let it hold me back anymore. You can bet your bottom dolar that anything I do from here on out will be done with the gusto that I had when I thought I’d live here forever. I’m gonna make these last two months count for something! And then I’m gonna go up to Chicago and lay alllllll the pictures I’ve taken in Indianapolis in the last 9 months out on the floor in a giant room. And I’ll make those snooty, Indiana-hating, thick ass pizza eating, BearsBullsBlackhawksBlackSox Motherfuckers look at every single awesome night I had here. And I’ll say, “There are your hicks! There’s your trailer trash! There’s boring old no-culture Indianapolis!”

And they’ll say “Wow. Looks like fun.”

And I’ll grab them by the lapels and scream, “It Fucking WAS!”

Click on the picture of the girl screaming “It Fucking WAS!” below to see the full gallery. Oh and please don’t look for my secret blog. It’s a secret.

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