My New Future Girlfriend

I have been lagging on my blogging duties. I apologize for that. You know how it is when you get behind. Anyways. Enough excuses. My fear of traffic has forced me to bitch out of going to the Indy 500 today so I’m gonna knock out some blog posts and try to get caught up. Alright! Here we go!

So last Saturday I went to the White Rabbit Cabaret to see Pop Lolita. I had been invited by both Amber Lynch and Audrey Mae. And as my mom always used to say, “When two fine ass fuckin bitches invite you to something, you better hitch up your fucking skirt and go make me some grandchildren.”

Full Disclosure: My Mom never said anything even remotely like this. I made it all up. She’d probably be mad if anyone ever thought she would. maybe I should take that out. Damn. The Delete key is stuck. I guess it’s staying in.

Anyways. I went to see Pop Lolita. They were playing with some band I never heard’a called The Embraceables. I crossed my fingers hoping that they’d be interesting to photograph. While waiting for the show to start I saw a girl walk in with shockingly blonde hair and a purple dress that was probably like a quarter size too small for her. She was also wearings some medium to full-on serious heels. I crossed my fingers extra hard hoping that she was in The Embraceables.

Pop Lolita went on and I shot them. I’d forgotten that The White Rabbit likes to light their stage as if they are trying to spot escaped convicts. So I had to deal with lighting issues. But I think I managed to capture their performance. But in the back of my mind life had become nothing more than a ticking clock counting down the seconds to me finding out if this girl, this purple vision, was in The Embraceables, thereby giving me reason to photograph her.

Apparently Jesus Christ just loooooves crossed fingers because she was indeed in The Embraceables. I wish I knew what the band sounded like. Because they looked fun all┬ádressed in purple. But as anyone who’s read my blog before knows, when I’m shooting it is as if I become deaf. In a few brief moments of auditory awareness, I did take note that my favorite girl did seem to have a pretty awesome voice.

Somewhere in the middle of the show She came out from behind the keyboard to sing a song and in the middle she noticed me taking pictures. She approached me and got down on her knees to sing directly to me. When you look at the gallery you will notice this moment because I took like… a billion pictures of this happening. I had been in love with her before I was now in some new, deeper, truer love. Ultra-love? No. That’s not the word, but it’s the first word that springs to mind. In this moment I realized that her dress was not a quarter size too small at all. It was perfect. Everything was perfect. I weakly walked to the back of the room and told Brittney L Pritchard and Elizabeth Clare that I wanted to buy her a house. I understand the 30 year mortgage now because of this girl.

Yes it was a good show. Unfortunately I had to miss the last band in order to offer one of my oldest friends moral support in his mission to Dancers Showclub on the westside. There I met a pretty and talented young lady named Alice who had a totally sweet owl tattoo and some medium to full-on serious pole skills. As I slipped two dollars into her… outfit, I asked, “Do you know why I like you?”

“No. Why?”

“Because you’re pretty and talented.”


Later Alice told me she was looking for “a guy to let me take him in back so I can put my boobs on his face.”Ultra-love. Again. Click on this picture right here to the left of the girl in purple breaking my heart with pure awesomeness to see the gallery of the show. There are no pictures of the strip club. Bouncers hate art.