Nikki Lipstick

The things I do to cheer up.

So friday was a little bit of a downer. I let some people peer pressure me into paying $25 to see a show that I didn’t want to see. That set me on a downward spiral of being angry with myself. I left the show early and went home sad. The next day I awoke to find that, contrary to what I had believed to be true, I had to go take pictures at the Gay Pride event downtown. I was in no mood to do so, but I picked myself up, dusted myself off and took some pretty mediocre pictures. Click this link if you want to see. I don’t recommend it though.

Anyway, I left Pride feeling a little bit like a failure. I opened my trunk to deposit my camera and saw the abovepicture of Nikki Lipstick that I’d printed out staring back at me.

I immediately drove to Broad Ripple and got a tattoo of it. And I must say, I’m feeling much better now.

Who is Nikki Lipstick you may ask? She’s a delightful you lady that makes clothes and pasties and sells them online. I follow her blog. I saw that picture and it just clicked that it would make a cool tattoo. Today I sent her this message on tumbler:

It’s really great how so many people like you on the internet. But if could offer some good, albeit unsolicited advice, don’t let it go to your head. Hubris is the enemy of us all. That being said, I got a tattoo of you yesterday.

It was accompanied by a link to a picture of the tattoo. She responded with:

I really don’t even think of it as people liking me, I genuinly enjoy people and making them smile!

I don’t think I have that bone in my body or ability to have that happen , I promise babe! You are incredibly and maybe the perfect kind of crazy!

This is incredible and there are no words to even thank you ! I wish you all kinds of amazing things in life, and if you ever need anything you forever have a friend in me!

<3 Literally so amazing wow, this is amazing! I want to give you a hug and kiss on the cheek!!!!!



Today. Today has been a good day.


What Others Are Saying

  1. Joel Doan Jun 16, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    I love this tattoo!