My last Let Go. (This post contains nudity)

Well folks, this is it. On thursday I move to Chicago. At the end of the month I start the MFA program at SAIC. Last tuesday was my last Let Go as an Indianapolis resident. Gun to my head, I’d have to call the occasion bittersweet. It was hard to really have fun at this Let Go. It’s been hard to have fun at anything here for the last few months since I decided to leave Indianapolis. Hanging with all you wonderful people felt like dating a dying girl. That’s probably why I haven’t posted in this blog for so long. *sigh* I’m gonna miss you guys. But hey! Let’s stop hanging around with Deborah Downer and start partying with Geoffrey Goodtimes! This was actually the most eventful and nudity-filled Let Go I’ve ever been a part of so lets get into it.

I began this Let Go with a safety decision. I my friend Austin was kind enough to pick me up at home so that I wouldn’t even think about driving home. This freed me to consume alcohol at my leisure with no thought of consequences beyond emergency rooms and stomach pumps. I never quite got to that level but I did alright for myself in the drinking department.

I spent the early portion of the evening talking to a couple of comely lasses by the names of Lauren and Sara. Lauren is my really real friend (she’s been to my house) and she was looking absolutely ravishing in green American Apparel. Sara and I barely know each other but I feel like if my days weren’t numbered we might have possibly become really real friends. I guess we’ll never know.




Due to all the drinking in the early portion of the evening, I don’t quite remember the middle portion of the evening. I know that handsome blonde drummer from Vacation Club pantomimed sucking a dude’s dick through the use of a glow stick and some very convincing facial expressions. I also kind of recall being scared and excited at the same time that I was going to end up making out with a dude as a joke. That didn’t happen though. At some point Boot and Amy and Xander showed up. I remember Sammie Two-Drinks trying to shove a Budweiser bottle down Sessicka Dunn’s throat. That was pretty cool, and I didn’t even have to give a credit card number and agree to recurring payments. I talked to Anna about a shoot that will probably never happen. I believe I had a good time in the middle part of the evening but don’t quote me on that.

Unfortunately, as the middle part of the evening came to a close I began to think about the fact that I was leaving. I also began to think about other things that make me sad that I’ll leave out of this particular post as to not bring everybody down. ¬†Sufficed to say that I was crestfallen, perhaps even a little despondent. I walked outside alone and began taking pictures of the wall and the ground. That’s when Doug and Merrel approached me. I’m not sure what it is that started the conversation. I’m not sure who suggested it. I can’t remember how it even came up, but when our conversation finished we walked back into the alley and had ourselves a little nude photo shoot. It was glorious. They were gorgeous, Doug with his hair and Merrel with her carved from marble physique. ¬†After that I wasn’t so crestfallen anymore. I was downright giddy. So thanks guys. You two made my night.

After the dirtiness in the alley I headed back inside. I followed my friend Ransome, Dave, and Katie to their car hooping for more nudity but instead got some fake girl on girl action. I guess that was pretty cool, but I really was in the mood for more nudity. It was getting late so I went in to say bye to Annie and Andy. They told me that it was their 4th Anniversary. If I’m not mistaken the traditional gift for a 4th Anniversary is public nudity pictures so I showed them some on the back of my camera. Then I took a picture of them. I hold A Squared responsible for almost every good time I ever had in this city. If it weren’t for them I probably wouldn’t miss Indianapolis so much. So Thanks guys. You two made my 9 months. And thanks to everybody else I ever met in Indianapolis too. You were all great. Maybe I’ll see you in the future. Until then, just click this super cute picture to the right to see the rest of the photos. Enjoy!

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  1. Austin Aug 7, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    We’ll miss you too, Jed. Also, I believe it was Annie & Andy’s 5th anniversary, but whatever.