Naptown, Baby! Naptown, Baby!

So Indianapolis just hosted the Super Bowl, and I don’t know if you keep up with all the sports blogs, but it is already being labeled as “The Best Super Bowl Party City Ever”. We nailed it. I’m so proud. The only way I could feel any better about last weekend would be if I got to makeout with a pretty girl and leave lipstick on several other people and things. ¬†Oh Shit! I did that! I’m super fucking excited! The only way I could feel EVEN BETTER would be if I could somehow make an animation of the dude who’s abs I kissed at Room 929.

Holy living Fuck! I did that too!

Oh the ecstasy! The only way that this could get even better would be if I got to be on Last Night’s Party.com as well!

Jesus Horatio Christ and all the saints in His Christendom! I totally did that shit too! Wow. Best Super Bowl Ever.