Everybody Polka!

I get bored so easily.

I’ve had a few blogs in my day and they always get abandoned. You see, the way I live my life is that I get really excited about a thing and I really throw myself into it. Then I get bored and abandon it. I am like a deadbeat dad. Only instead of my children, I run away from things like knitting, bowling, making photographs of trees, updating my blog, and putting on lipstick and kissing people at parties then taking pictures of those people. I don’t pay child support to theses things either.

I always feel guilty about abandoning these things, but never enough to return to doing them. But the other Day I was talking to Ben “Action” Jackson and he said, “Hey why don’t you update that blog.” The way he said it was very similar to the way you would tell a guy, “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you take a break from detailing your coke dealer’s collection of hot rods in exchange for blow and go spend some time with your fucking kids.” It got to me a little.

So here we are! I’m updating. I have no idea what to show you. Fuck. Okay. I’m starting slow. Here are 11 pictures from the last two months. That’s the best I can do right now.