The 2012 Indianapolis 500

So one of the last posts I did on this blog was the 2011 Indianapolis 500. So why not try to bring it back with the the 2012 Indianapolis 500. I’ll tell you why not, because the race wasn’t as good this year. Yeah. I said it.

I was in the Snake Pit again this year. Last year it was so fun. Small. Intimate. The Dj Truck was rad. This year that shit was huge. Giant stage. Too many people. I guess we just did it too good last year. A pity.

There was a bright spot though. It was this dancer right here —> She was gorgeous and I loved her. In fact I loved her so much that when I stole a backstage pass and had the opportunity to talk to her I decided to leave her alone. I made a website about her later. It’s called ItmighthavebeenalovestorybutIamacowardsoinsteaditsonlyart.info. It’s fun. She dances out of sync with herself. If you watch for 3 and a half minutes or so she gets back in sync for a brief moment. It’s pretty satisfying.

I guess it was cool that I got to photograph Dj Magazine’s #26 DJ for the year of our Lord 2009, Benny Benassi. I suppose I could work that into the ol’¬†curriculum vitae.

All in all it was a somewhat disappointing but pretty successful day. I didn’t drink. That might have contributed to my lack of strong enjoyment. Either way, here are the highlights. Enjoy!