Happy 3rd of July! (This is Time for Letting Go)

Hey! Here’s a blog post about Let Go. It’s just like old times. Only not really because I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I used to. To be honest, as a woman*, I’m not really into taking party pictures of randoms anymore. It’s difficult to admit but true.

Get it?! Like "smart bomb"?!I mean it’s nice when you get a cool picture of a hot blonde like this smart young lady here. I’ll be she’s an A student.

And it’s super great when you snap a nice shot of an ultra handsome man like this pretty motherfucker over here.

The thing is though, that I’ve been photographing people for many years now and guess what? You’re all hot. I’d say I’m attracted to like 80- 82 percent of women in the appropriate age range (16-45) for my current age. Hotness as a photographic subject is kinda boring to me these days. It used to propel me. Now… I don’t know. It’s kind of a bummer.

But hey! You should look on the bright side! It you’re a female age 16-45 I probably find your outward appearance attractive. And if 80% of 33 year old men have the same inclination that means that 3,763,555,020 men out there will think you’re smokin hot. Feel free to check my math I’m pretty sure that should be consistant with the current world population estimate numbers.**

Men, same goes for you and the men and women that find you attractive. Be happy.

Anyways. Here’s a web gallery of the most gorgeous people in the world. Please enjoy it!

*Jedediah Johnson is not a woman.

**Jedediah Johnson asks that you please do not check his math.