I guess I just couldn’t Let Go.

So at the last Let Go I kissed a girl (not for art). Between then and this Let Go, a bunch of things happened that make me kind of sad when I think about her. If you multiply that by the baseline sadness that I get at most parties, ¬†you get one melancholy motherfucker. So… that happened. It was still a pretty fun party though.

People got drawn on, asses were grabbed, the pretty motherfucker was back. I bet I would have loved it if I hadn’t been in the midst of that whole emotiony thing.

Look. I didn’t make this blog in order to bring people down so let’s just ignore my emotional state, look at the pictures of fun things happening and try to pretend that we’re having a great time. It’s a good strategy. I use it all the time.

Editorial Note: My guess is that the girl in the last couple of pictures would have probably kissed me (not for art) if I hadn’t been to sad to notice her. Dumb.