The Let Go Reunion

You know that really good friend that you have? The one that lives very far away now, but every time you and this person get together it’s as if no time has passed at all? Well, Let Go! is exactly like that type of friend.

When Lauren Dodge invited me to the Let Go! Reunion, I was obviously excited. But I also knew with 100% certainty that it would not be as fun as the Let Go’s of yesteryear. I went to Woodstock ’99. I know how these things play out.

I was absolutely wrong. It was exactly the same. It was perfect. I got way drunk. I danced a little. I got many great pictures. I kissed a few people. I’m sure I pissed a few people off. I saw a lady’s butt. Great night. It felt like home. Please enjoy this web gallery of pictures.

And if I could have a moment to shamelessly promote myself, please come to my show December 6th at A.M. Gallery. 6556 N Cornell Ave. It’s in Broad Ripple. It’s from 7-10. It is a bunch of pictures of people I’ve kissed. It should be fun. Here’s a link to the Facebook Event for it.

Thanks for considering it. See you at the next Let Go! Reunion.