My First Taste of Night Train

I’ve been meaning to go to Night Train since it started a few months ago. I would have gone sooner but there weren’t enough delightful young ladies inviting me to do late-at-night things until very recently. That used to happen all the time, but for the last 5 years or so, I’ve been going though a bit of a dry spell. I’m happy to say that I am now soaking wet. I mean, literally and figuratively, since a couple delightful young ladies invited me to a pool-based Night Train after party. I can feel myself getting younger all the time.

Night Train was excellent, bee tee dubs. The crowd fluctuated between cozily overattended and plenty of room on the dance floor. Partygoers were good folks for the most part. There was a point where a dude got a little bit aggressive in his desire to take a selfie with me. I refused. Luckily he was reasonable and Christopher N. Walker managed to get a shot of the two of us which seemed to appease him.

All in all, it was a great night expertly DJ’ed by Action Jackson and Mild Cherry. Rejuvenating. Here are the photographs.

The pool party afterwards was great too. I’m not posting any of my pictures from that. You will have to use your imagination.