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The GenCon Dance

Plaid Girl gets HighAbout 6 months ago my friend Dan started periodically asking me if I had gotten my GenCon badge yet. He would ask me every time the thought popped into his mind which was pretty often. The tactic worked because about 3 months ago, I lost my god damned mind and bought a 4 day badge. I had no idea what I was going to do at a board game convention but I had essentially been brainwashed and moneygone so last Thursday I hit the convention center to see what it was all about.

It was a little frightening and overwhelming at first. I’m not a big fan of crowds or talking to strangers in public or “people watching” or board games. I’m a bit of a loner (pronounced: socially anxious). I was also a little confused by all the costumes. It was curious to me that people would dress as non-game related things at this gaming convention. In the first 10 minutes were nothing short of torture.

Alternative Universe Me

Then I found my friends Dan and Brian and we met up with Shanna and Dale and Nate and Robyn. We demoed New Salem and Mysterium in the Expo hall. We also spent a couple enormously entertaining sessions in the Rio Grande room playing Galaxy Truckers and Bohnanza. I lost to an alternate universe version of myself (pictured right) in the first round of a Star Realms tournament.  I had about 5 Drink on And Prospers and had a sloppy Psirun in Games of Demand. I nearly bumped into Summer Glau. I even bought a couple games. And.. I attended the GenCon Dance.

Get It Lady!In the GenCon dance it is easy to see why there are so many different non-gaming costumes at this gaming convention. It’s because GenCon is a place where no matter what you’re into, you WILL NOT be judged negatively for it. It is a truly safe place for weird proclivities. No one in the GenCon dance was shy because no one was trying to be cool. It was glorious. If you want to see pictures of the dance, They are right here.

So yes. GenCon. I loved it. I’ll probably be back next year. AND maybe I’ll dress as Jimmy Jr. so that I’ll have a reason to talk to some of the girls dressed as Tina Belcher. They were my favorite.